Rep. Virgil Goode Delights in “Real Virginia” vs. “Fake Virginia” Divide

Hat tip to Amanda Terkel at who found this video of Rep. Virgil Goode with state Del. Don Merricks talking about “Real Virginia.”

Rather than repudiate Del. Merrick’s claims about Goode representing “Real Virginia” and calling for a unified state, Rep. Goode takes a certain delight that the state legislators from Fairfax County are not a monolithic voting bloc in Richmond. (Um, Virgil, over a million people live in Fairfax and a third of Virginians like in “Fake Virginia.”

Here’s the video:

And if you want to see Rep. Goode at his demogogic best, take a look at this Fox News Clip from Dec 2006 where Rep. Goode explains why we shouldn’t allow more Muslims into this country.

I’m not sure if there is a more nativist, xenophobe in Congress.

It’s that kind of cynical politics that Virginia voters will reject on Nov. 4. Say hello to Congressman Perriello.


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