With 9 Days to Go: Some Inspiration

The Atlantic.com

Obama represents a departure to the divisive politics of recent years. Illustration source: The Atlantic.com

Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish from The Atlantic caps off my weekend with an inspiring blog post highlighting Steve Chapman’s column from today’s Chicago Tribune and Sullivan’s own previous essays.

Sullivan’s title? “Goodbye to All That.”

As he closes his post, I will close this one: “We cannot let this moment pass.”


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One response to “With 9 Days to Go: Some Inspiration

  1. ItDawnedOnMe

    Andrew Sullivan is one of my favorites. He wrote a great column that was in today’s UK Times at http://tinyurl.com/63xy6t. I totally agree that Obama is a departure from divisiveness. I’ve written a few thoughts on this myself. It seems a lot of people are noticing. Obama is able to unite people. What a joy!

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