Washington Post Gives Frank Wolf a Pass on Caning Incident

The Washington Post apparently think Congressman Wolf is blameless in the altercation between his supporters and the Judy Feder campaign workers which was first reported over the weekend by Raising Kaine.

While the Post gets credit for a short blog post and a story in Tuesday’s paper, they are not holding Congressman Wolf accountable for standing by as his supporter twice hit the Feder campaign workers. The Post also failed to criticize Rep. Wolf for his refusal to answer the questions posed to him by the Feder campaign workers.

I get that neither piece were editorial in nature. But why did the reporter go to Wolf’s fellow GOP Congressman, Virgil Goode for a comment on the practice of using campaign trackers?

Give me a break.

Voters deserve better from Wolf and readers deserve better from the Post.


In case you missed the reprehensible behavior of Congressman Wolf, here’s the video.


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