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Senators Praise Defeated Crook Ted Stevens

Did you see the farewell speech that 7-time convicted felon Ted Stevens gave to the U.S. Senate today? I don’t know what was worse, his remarks or the bi-partisan praise he received from his fellow Senators.

Daily Kos called it a pukefest. Here’s a sample of what happened as reported by the AP, the AFP, the Washington Post, and ABC News. Continue reading

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Ga. Senate Race Update from the AFL-CIO

Yesterday Jimmy Hyde, Georgia director for the AFL-CIO posted this update on Jim Martin’s campaign to defeat GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss. Continue reading

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Fire Saxby, Hire Jim

The road to a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority is becoming clearer and all signs say it goes through Georgia. Continue reading

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Virginia is for Loving

If you read one story or column this week, read this week’s Newsweek column by Pulitzer Prize winner Anna Quindlen. Quindlen writes on Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court ruling which ended laws against interracial marriage and what it teaches us about laws banning same sex marriage.

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Michelle Bachmann is Crazy

Minnesota GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is either crazy or on drugs. I vote for crazy.

The “go-to gal” for conservative cable shoutfests is at again. In her first term, she made 22 appearances on national cable television, but her latest tops them all. Continue reading


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D.C. Voters Finally Elect a U.S. Senator

For over 200 years, the citizens of the District of Columbia have not had a say in U.S. Senate elections. By any measure this is wrong.

I don’t know about you, but when the voters of Baghdad have more voting rights than the voters of the District of Columbia, I think there is a serious problem.

Tonight that changed when Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich was declared the winner of Alaska’s Senate race. One could argue that when 12 citizens of the District of Columbia voted to convict Senator Ted Stevens on seven counts of corruption, they ensured the election of Mr. Begich.

While that’s not the exactly my idea of establishing D.C. voting rights, it’s close enough for tonight.

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The Hypocrisy of the U.S. Senate

I am a blogger. I am a Democrat. But I’m not left wing. Yet I am furious with the Senate Democrats who chose to slap Joe Lieberman’s wrist and left him keep the chairmanship of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. I’m equally furious that Senate Republicans chose to postpone any decision on the future of convicted felon, Sen. Ted Stevens.

Is it a prerequisite to be out of touch if you’re going to serve in the Senate? Continue reading

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