Sen. Dole, “Did the Devil Make You Do It?”

In North Carolina, newspapers have condemned GOP Sen. Dole for her desperate attacks on State Senator Kay Hagan. Yet Dole has a new attack ad and Hagan has a new response.

But first the editorials:

The Raleigh News & Observer said: “…it’s hard not to rate Dole’s advertisement attacking Hagan as the lowest of the low in this election season. …This ad is the most telling sign yet of just how stressed Dole is, but it may well leave a permanent stain on a long government career. Appearing to question someone’s faith, particularly when the question clearly isn’t applicable in Hagan’s case, is beneath a person of Elizabeth Dole’s stature and reputation. ”

The Winston-Salem Journal said: “Political ads often get far too negative in the last, sometimes desperate, days of a campaign. But U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole’s TV ad painting her opponent, state Sen. Kay Hagan, as godless is a new low, even for this ugly campaign season. We trust that North Carolina voters won’t make their decision in this race based on this sensational and irresponsible ad.”

The Durham Herald-Sun said: “There is also something troubling about Dole’s attempt to demonize others who have done nothing wrong, but who simply have different beliefs. This nation is, in theory, a place where people of all faiths — or no faith — are free to believe what they choose without persecution. Dole’s ad is offensive on two counts — it misrepresents Hagan’s beliefs and insults anyone whose beliefs are not seen as mainstream.”

The Greenville Daily Reflector said: “This week, Dole hit the bottom with an ad that is an embarrassment to this campaign and to the electorate. Voters deserved better than what she has delivered.”

As Fake Virginia has previously reported, Dole’s ad was also condemned by the Charlotte ObserverGreensboro News-Record, Asheville Citizen-Times, and the Wilmington Star-News.

Yet, Sen. Dole is undettered. Today she issued a new ad attacking Sen. Kay Hagan.

And Kay Hagan has a new response.

But what I want to know is, will GOP Senator Richard Burr and GOP Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory condemn Sen. Dole for this outrage? Or with their silence will they condone Dole’s slime?


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