No on Lieberman, No on Stevens

Dear Sen. Warner and Sen. Webb:

I used to live in the District of Columbia but as Nancy Pfotenhauer pointed out, lots of Democrats like me have been streaming across the Potomac River to establish residence in the Commonwealth.

Perhaps you picked up on that when you reviewed the results of the Nov. 4 election. Your consituents voted overwhelmingly for change. We elected your colleague Barack Obama as our president and we elected three new Democrats to represent us in the House of Representatives and we elected our beloved former Governor Mark Warner to speak up for us where you both work — in the Senate.

It’s a new day.

Tomorrow, you both have a vote and you’ve been strangely silent.

Sen. Warner, you have to decide what the Senate Republicans will do about Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska. Will you expel him from the Senate? Sen. Stevens has recently been convicted of 7 felony counts of corruption. While his opponent Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich is leading by 1,022 votes, there are still 24,000 votes left to count. Remember these people were stupid enough to elect Sarah Palin their governor, so they are stupid enough to reelect a convicted felon.

Sen. Webb, you have to decide what to do about Sen. Lieberman. As you will recall, he endorsed and campaigned for Sen. McCain to elect him president. What’s worse is Sen. Lieberman said a lot of untrue and unfair things about President-Elect Obama. Now he wants you to pretend it didn’t happen. He wants to remind you that he votes with the Democrats 90 percent of the time, probably more than you.

But you know what I think? Sen. Warner, I think you will vote to expel Sen. Stevens because you know he is a crook. And Sen. Webb, I think you will vote to take away Sen. Lieberman’s gavel, because you know it’s about loyalty, not anything else. After all, if I can’t trust you to be loyal, how can I trust you at all?

If I were in your shoes, that’s what I’d do because it’s the right thing to do. My vote is in your hands.


Your real constituent from Fake Virginia


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