The Va. GOP Disarray Continues

If you need to know just how screwed up the Virginia GOP is, read this AP story about Va. GOP Chairman Jeff Frederick on the wire this evening.  No wonder moderate GOP Congressman Tom Davis opted to retire when Frederick and the Va. GOP leadership squeezed him out of the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in favor of Jim Gilmore. That ended up being a brilliant move, didn’t it Jeff?

Va. Democrats can only hope the disarray continues as we prepare to elect a new Gov., Lt. Gov., A.G. and state legislature.



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4 responses to “The Va. GOP Disarray Continues

  1. Jeff Frederick was elected chairman long after Davis decided to drop out of the Senate race. Get your facts straight. Thank you.

  2. You’re correct the former Congressman Davis announced he was not running for Senate before Jeff Frederick was elected chairman of the Va. GOP.

    That said, are you saying the Frederick and the leadership of the Va. GOP had no role in forcing Davis out of the race? Did Frederick support a primary or a convention?

    And what does Mr. Frederick have to say about the January resignation of the fundraising chief for the Va. GOP? Does he take responsibility for that? That looks like disarray to me.

    As long as Mr. Frederick is in charge of the Republican Party in Va., I feel pretty good about the chances of another Democratic sweep in Va.

    What makes you think moderate Republicans and independents are attracted to Mr. Frederick and his type of leadership?

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  4. First of all, sorry if I sounded excessively snappy. It was the decision of the RPV State Central Committee to hold a convention, something that Frederick had no say in.

    As far as staffing goes, turnover anywhere is unfortunate and I’m sure it’s high anywhere else in political work. You can always find more staff if someone leaves.

    I disagree with respect to your last assessment. Republicans have tried playing to moderates and it hasn’t worked.

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