I’m Glad Dollar Bill Lost

I woke up to some wonderful political news this morning from New Orleans. On Saturday, the voters of New Orleans elected a new congressman to replace their indicted one, Rep. Bill Jefferson. You will recall that Jefferson was caught by the FBI with $90,000 in his freezer that was part of a bribery sting operation. His federal trial is in the pre-trial motions phase I believe. His opponents call him “Dollar Bill.” It’s not a term of affection.

The new Congressman is Joseph Cao, a first generation Vietnamese-American. He will be the first Vietnamese-American to serve in Congress. Even though he is a Republican, the district which has a 75% Democratic registration, elected him over Jefferson in Saturday’s run off election.

No doubt the endorsement of the New Orleans Times-Picayune helped Cao as did the support from several local Democratic officer holders. Cao’s off to a good start, telling voters after his win, that he’s,  “here to represent everyone.”

I’m proud that the Democrats of News Orleans followed the example of the Republicans of Alaska by firing their crooked elected officials. Like these voters, I firmly believe crooks have no place in public office, regardless of how much I like their politics.

Call me old-fashioned.


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