Gov. Kaine to Run DNC

The Politico is reporting tonight that Gov. Tim Kaine has agreed to chair the Democratic National Committee. Initially, the governor indicated he was not interested in the job, but accepted it after President-elect Barack Obama personally intervened.

The story is also being reported by the Virginian-Pilot, the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Associated Press, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

There is no better choice than Governor Kaine. He knows how to elect Democrats in Republican states. But this does draw an increased amount of attention to the upcoming election to choose Kaine’s successor in Richmond. Look for the Democratic Governors Association and the DNC to play an even bigger role now that Governor Kaine will be heading the DNC.

Also, look for national Democrats to try to obtain the Virginia Gubernatorial nomination for former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe. Some how, I don’t believe supporters of Creigh Deeds, Brian Moran or Governor Kaine will let that kind of bigfooting happen.

I sure as hell won’t.


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