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The Party of No

I have some free political advice for those attending this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.:  Watch this ad produced by Americans United for Change. You won’t like it, but it sums up how the rest of the Republican Party, indeed the rest of America, views you and the House and Senate Republicans: you’re the Party of No.

The question you must answer now is, what are you going to do about it?

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Help Welcome Eric Cantor to Social Media

OK, my silly side thinks this is hilarious.

Virginia’s own, Congressman Eric Cantor, the erstwhile House Republican Whip, has embraced social media in a big way. I’ve written about his use of You Tube and I’ve mentioned a little bit about his use of Twitter. But today I recognized that Democrats who want to have a little fun at Rep. Cantor’s expense can so via Twitter. Continue reading


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A Pat Robertson Republican: Bob McDonnell

The more I learn about GOP Nominee for Governor, Bob McDonnell, the more frightened I am. Thanks to the folks at Blue Virginia for pointing out that McDonnell is a Pat Robertson Republican. That’s all I need to know to be certain that McDonnell is not able to represent me or my interests in Richmond. My aversion to all things Pat comes not just from his political views, but from his religious views. If you are someone who would consider appearing on the 700 Club as Robertson’s guest, you’re not someone I could ever vote for. Period. Even if I pray about it.

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Kay Hagan Considering Voting Down DC Vote in Congress

Dear Sen. Hagan:

Must you alienate your base this early in your career? Word from the DCist is that you’re considering siding with those who would deny the people of the District of Columbia a vote in Congress.

I hope this rumor is nothing more than that – a rumor.

Isn’t it ironic that the people of the District of Columbia have fought and died so the people of  Baghdad and Kabul can have something the U.S. Congress is willing to deny its own citizens: namely, voting representation in their legislatures?


Fake Virginia


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The GOP is the PON: Party of No

Today the Republican National Committee issued a document they called, “A Disappointing Month“.

 As the RNC put it, “Obama’s first month has been marked by wasteful spending, failed bipartisanship, and questionable ethics.”

Whatever. Continue reading

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Terry McAuliffe Meets the Netroots

I’ve made no secret that I am not a fan of Terry McAuliffe. I think his leadership of the Democratic National Committee was suspect and I think his behavior during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary damaged the campaign of then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, perhaps fatally. In many respects, Mr. McAuliffe represents everything I hate about Democratic politics. Continue reading


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Rush to Judgment

Today at a news conference in Chicago, embattled Sen. Roland Burris implored the assembled to, “stop the rush to judgment.” (With the Senate Ethics Committee and a local prosecutor circling, Sen. Burris felt compelled to address questions about what he promised then-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich before the governor appointed him to the Senate.)

I’ve heard that before, somewhere. Wait, wait, don’t tell me.

That’s right, on Jan. 22, Mr. Blagojevich told the Associated Press that the Illinois State Legislature, which was about to begin impeachment proceedings against him, would be guilty of a “rush to judgment.” Continue reading

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