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I figure if Twitter is good enough for Jeff Frederick, then it’s good enough for me. (So today, I joined the Twitter conversation.) It turns out a lot of Virgina’s politicians are on Twitter – not just the man who tweeted away the GOP’s chance at controlling the Virginia Senate.

Senator Mark Warner, Rep. Tom Perriello, Rep. Glenn Nye, Rep. Randy Forbes, Rep. Eric Cantor and Rep. Rob Pittman use Twitter. So do gubernatorial candidates Bob McDonnellBrian Moran, Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe. 

One thing that’s stupid about McAuliffe’s approach to Twitter is that his updates are protected. In the Twitter world, that means the Macker has to decide whether or not you’re good enough to share his political wisdom.

Um, dude, if you want to get elected, you better be a little more friendly with people other than your super-rich donors. Excluding real voters isn’t a winning strategy in my book.

But the Macker is not as bad or his opponent Brian Moran. Along with Rep. Randy Forbes, Moran has no updates at all.

Maybe Mr. Moran and Rep. Forbes would have been better off taking the approach to Twitter that the rest of the Virginia Congressional delegation has taken. Skipping it.

As for me, I will try to have a more regular conversation with you using Twitter than I can in this space. We’ll see how that works.


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