Dear Va. GOP: What Part of Nov. 4 Did You Miss?

Dear Virginia Republicans:

I’m trying to understand your alternative reality or as Frank Rich calls it in today’s New York Times, a parallel universe / echo chamber. Maybe you can help me out.

First, leading up to the 2008 U.S. Senate race,  you dumped a popular moderate GOP congressman with a proven track record of winning support from Democrats and Independents in favor of an unpopular and discredited former Governor

On Election Day, voters overwhelmingly rejected your Senate choice and picked Mark Warner as our new U.S. Senator. It wasn’t even close. They also took three U.S. House seats away from you and awarded them to Democrats. (Have you met my friends Glenn, Gerry and Tom?)

Oh and least we forget, after 40 years in a row of winning Virginia’s Electoral College votes, you lost them. Our state joined the majority of voters (electoral and otherwise) in electing a Democratic president.

A rational person would conclude that maybe after all of this you’d be just a little chastened and you’d reconsider your approach to governing.

But no.

Since inaugeration day, you diss the BFF of the new President, our Governor, and boycott a bi-partisan meeting of the Congressional delegation that he convened to discuss how the delegation could work together to insert language beneficial to Virginia in the Economic Stimulus package legislation. Of note, now former Attorney General and presumed GOP nominee Bob McDonnell, attended the gathering. (BTW, has he gone to the Charlie Crist campaign school?)

Meanwhile, not one of you voted for the measure and you seem to forget about your role in driving our economy into this ditch by backing the previous spending policies of the last president come hell or high water. Instead, your attack dogs are either trying to smear your opponents and rewrite history or insult the working people who pay your salaries.

Do you think Virginia’s voters are so stupid that we won’t hold you accountable? Or better put, since you all represent gerrymandered districts, do you really expect the non-dittoheads you represent to take you seriously? Really?

I’m sorry, but it was that fiscal conservative Bill Clinton who worked with both parties to end the budget deficits, build up a surplus and start to pay down the national debt which was the legacy of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. George W. Bush, for his part, squandered the economy that he inherited from Bill Clinton and gave us a trillion dollar war based on false premises and a trillion dollars in tax cuts and spending programs which benefitted the super wealthy, but screwed the average Virginian.

So given all of that. Why do you think we will give your party the majority back any time soon? Voters expect more from you and you’re failing us.

Meanwhile in Richmond, your own finance director at the state Republican headquarters quits in disgust and says your party organization is “dysfunctional” and your state chairman, who compared then-candidate Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden, ends up tweeting away your chances at gaining control of the Virginia Senate.

Now he wants us to anoint his wife to take his place in the House of Delegates so he can spend more time leading your party over the cliff.

Your saving grace is Bob McDonnell, a man who seems, on the face of things, to be the kind of Republican who can win in Virginia. (The Richmond Times-Dispatch says, he’s, “usually the adult in the room.” ) My guess is if the Democrats nominate Brian Moran or Creigh Deeds, you can forget about regaining the Governor’s mansion.

If I were your buddy Ed Gillespie, I’d be pulling for the Macker.

But that’s just me.


Fake Virginia


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One response to “Dear Va. GOP: What Part of Nov. 4 Did You Miss?

  1. perlogik

    While the VA GOP has many flaws it’s not correct thta Bill Clinton was a fiscal conservative. It wasn’t until he lost the mid-terms badly that he changed his ways because of his desire for a second term. This is the model that should scare the democrats. While the democrats get totally credit is the stimulus works they will get majority blame if it does not. Anyone who can tell you what the economy will be like in the fall of 2010 can probably predict the midterms.
    Good economy will keep, perhaps even add to the Democratic advantage. Bad or worse economy will probaly take away the Senate near 60 lock and shake the solid majority in the house. This is the bet the house republicans are making.

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