The GOP is the PON: Party of No

Today the Republican National Committee issued a document they called, “A Disappointing Month“.

 As the RNC put it, “Obama’s first month has been marked by wasteful spending, failed bipartisanship, and questionable ethics.”


No one but the GOP is buying that. Not ever the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, which wrote in response that,

…the administration has gotten a lot done in 31 days. Obama signed in to law two major Democratic priorities—a fair pay bill and a children’s health insurance bill. The president also signed an executive order intended to close the facilities at Guantanamo Bay in one year, putting in motion a major reversal of the Bush administration’s approach to fighting terrorism.

Not too mention, Democrats passed a historic $787 billion economic stimulus package that Obama had pledged to create at least 3 million jobs—although it remains to be seen if he gets that done.

In fact, since the inauguration of President Obama, polls show that there is a great deal of support for Obama and the Democratic Congress. reports that the 5 national polls have a an average of 63.2% approval ratings for the President for polls completed this week.

CNN and AP have Obama with 67% approval ratings, Gallup has Obama at 62%, while Fox and Rasmussen have Obama with 60% approval ratings, respectively.

And what about the Republicans in Congress? Research 2000/DailyKos has the GOP with an 18% approval rating. 

If you ask me, I say let the Republican Party become the party of “No”.  Let them filibuster. Fine. The public likes President Obama and hates Congress — Democrats and Republicans alike. If voters perceive that the Congress is an obstacle to progress, they will listen to Obama on what he needs to get legislation passed. (Hint, it won’t be to re-elect Republicans in 2010 who voted against his stimulus plan, even if they praise Obama after voting against his plan.)

In my book, if these jokers think the stimulus money is tainted, don’t take it. Let’s spend it all in districts and states whose House and Senate members voted with the President.

Personally, that means more money for Metrorail’s Purple Line, Light Rail to Dulles and the widening of I-66 and the installation of hot lanes on the Capitol Beltway. (Congressman Wolf, are you listening?)


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One response to “The GOP is the PON: Party of No

  1. anotherthinker

    First note:
    ” fair pay bill and a children’s health insurance bill” is nothing more then an expansion of a program that already exists and it put an insane bump to cover some up to age 30
    Second: “Democrats passed a historic $787 billion economic stimulus package” if you read the bill… few have i am trying to get threw it all it will be lucky if all it does is keep 3 million jobs there is very little actual stimulus in the stimulus package. But just for kicks if you do the math that is over $260,000.00 per job created. I would not ever say that Obama’s first month in office was “Nothing” but as the Journal put it. It is historic. I just hope I get to see the end of it.

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