Help Welcome Eric Cantor to Social Media

OK, my silly side thinks this is hilarious.

Virginia’s own, Congressman Eric Cantor, the erstwhile House Republican Whip, has embraced social media in a big way. I’ve written about his use of You Tube and I’ve mentioned a little bit about his use of Twitter. But today I recognized that Democrats who want to have a little fun at Rep. Cantor’s expense can so via Twitter.

Here’s how:

Everything you tweet which includes the hashtag #Cantor is aggregated to appear on the House GOP Whip’s Twitter feed.

This afternoon, I recommended that it would be really entertaining to use the feed to say really nice things about Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats. It’s kind of a “Welcome to the Netroots” present for Congressman Cantor.

You should know that another blog, the wonderfully entertaining “Where’s Eric Cantor?”, has reported that Rep. Cantor’s staff was censoring the feed. I believe that reporting is accurate, but apparently the censor doesn’t work on Saturdays, because there have been quite a few entertaining tweets today.

Here’s a sample:

Spread the word and have some fun, just use #Cantor!



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2 responses to “Help Welcome Eric Cantor to Social Media

  1. Well, it is Shabbos. Perhaps they don’t scrub sites on the day of rest.

    It’s fun when anti-GOP social networking comes together, isn’t it?

  2. see my twitter feed: where i do a similar thing

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