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It’s no secret that I don’t understand why any Virginia Democrat would seriously consider Terry McAuliffe to be worthy of their vote for Governor.

As for me, I can’t forgive McAuliffe for continue to push Hillary Clinton’s candidacy long past the point where she had a reasonable shot of winning. His shenanigans at the DNC to get the Fla. & Mich. delegates seated, his pushing her campaign all the way to Puerto Rico — it all had the potential to undermine and defeat Barack Obama. Indeed, in one interview, McAuliffe set the Democratic primaries of 1980 and 1984 as his model for 2008. (Need I point out that we elected Ronald Reagan in those elections?)

If the Macker is successful in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor of Virginia, get ready to see these clips re-run in the fall.


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DNC to Rove: Pot. Kettle. Black.

I really think Karl Rove called President Obama “arrogant” in an effort to take some of the spotlight off of Republican National Committee Michael Steele, for at least a day or so. Here’s a response add the Democratic National Committee issued. What’s your take? Effective or not?

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GOP Rep. Pence: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Numbers

Here’s a rather uncomfortable moment for Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) who goes on MSNBC to defend the GOP’s 19 page long budget pamphlet. Enjoy.

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DSCC: GOP Guilty of Hit & Run with Economy

A new ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee claims Republicans have done a “hit and run” with our economy. Of particular note is the use of Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) who was once President Obama’s nominee to run the Commerce Department.

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Steele is “Done” with Reaching out to Obama

In a recent interview with CNN, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele seems to think being head of the DNC or RNC is the same thing as being President of the United States.

Gee, Michael, do you think former President Bush took calls from Terry McAuliffe or Howard Dean?

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McCain and Murphy on Future of Republican Party

This morning on Meet the Press, David Gregory ran a video clip of GOP strategist Mike Murphy’s appearance on the show from March 1. Murphy was the campaign manager for Sen. John McCain’s 2000 effort. On the future of the GOP, Murphy said:

The country is changing. Ronald Reagan won in 1980 with 51% of the vote. We all worship Ronald Reagan. But if that election had been held with the current demographics in America today, Ronald Reagan would have gotten 47 percent of the vote. The math is changing. Anglo vote is 74 percent now not 89. And if we don’t modernize conservatism, we are going to have a party of 25 percent of the vote going to Limbaugh rallies, joining every applause line, ripping the furniture up, we’re going to be in permanent minority status.

Roll tape forward to this morning when David Gregory showed Murphy’s remarks to Sen. John McCain and asked him, “How does conservatism modernize itself, how does the party get back to power?” Continue reading

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Steele: Feud with Rush was “all Strategic”

Remember the feud Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele had with Rush Limbaugh, where he called Limbaugh an “entertainer” and Limbaugh’s remarks “ugly” and “incendiary”? In less than 24 hours after speaking the truth, Steele recanted the remarks and apologized to Limbaugh — pulling what I call a Full Gingrey. The Democratic National Committee then launched

Well, Michael Steele now says his feud with Limbaugh was “all strategic” on his part. “It may look like a mistake, a gaffe, there’s a rationale — a logic for it.” Continue reading


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