“Party of No” Site Launched by DNC

Perhaps the “Party of No” moniker is sticking. Today I read that the Democratic National Committee has launched a site dedicated to point out the obstructionist tendencies of the GOP. The site’s best feature is the clock which counts the number of days, hours and minutes which have passed since the GOP has refused to offer an alternative to President Obama’s budget proposal. (Although I do like what happens when you hover over the faces of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor. That was a creative touch, DNC Webmaster!)

What do you think? Should the Republicans do more to compromise with the Democrats and President Obama or should they continue their bomb-throwing ways? Should they embrace their inner “No-ness”?

Personally, I think the GOP  should do a mash up of this classic music video from Hall & Oates. (Using music without permission is a good tactic, right Eric Cantor?)


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