Who Goes First: Frederick or Steele?

Despite my personal pleading to Republicans, the calls for Michael Steele and Jeff Frederick to resign from their positions as chairman of the Republican National Committee and Republican Party of Virginia, respectively, continue.

Today I read that Virginia’s Speaker of the House of Delegates William Howell, House Majority Whip Kirkland Cox and House GOP Caucus Chair Sam Nixon are the latest to call on Chairman Frederick to resign. Perhaps these guys read the latest poll showing the Republicans are losing confidence in their Republican leaders. In a letter over the weekend sent to members of the Republican Party of Virginia’s Central Committee, Howell, Cox and Nixon wrote:

With its current chairman, we have serious reservations about how effectively the state party can help us accomplish our goals and persuade a majority of Virginia voters that Republicans have the right ideas and policy prescriptions.

The Central Committee will hold a vote on April 4 on whether or not to remove Mr. Frederick from his post.

Not to be outdone, RNC Chairman Michael Steele continues his effort to outrage Republicans and alienate Independents and Democrats.

Roll Call (subscription required) reports that Steele is spending campaign funds to redecorate his office. According to Steele, it’s “way too male.”

Separately, in an appearance as guest host on Bill Bennett’s radio show he takes on GOP Congressman Lamar “I insert but don’t vote for earmarks” Smith of Texas. (On the same show, he dismisses global warming.)

Steele previously upset former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and former Family Research Council president Tony Perkins with remarks in GQ magazine casting doubt on his commitment to the pro-life plank in the GOP platform.

There is no date scheduled for a removal vote for Steele, but yet another editorial page has called for Steele’s removal. The latest to do so? The Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader, which wrote:

Republicans definitely need to do a better job of explaining their message to people who don’t already agree with them. It is becoming increasingly clear that they could find many people better suited for that task than Michael Steele.



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  1. My blog post on Michael Steele’s hip hop charm offensive and the Republican Party’s attempt to attract minority voters:


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