Terry McAuliffe Tries to Reinvent History

Oh Terry, do you think Virginia’s Democrats, African-American or otherwise, are stupid enough to believe that you supported Barack Obama all along?

Really? Come on, Macker!

Here’s what the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher and I remember about your efforts in 2008, long after it was clear that Barack Obama was going to be the Democratic Party’s nominee in the fall:



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4 responses to “Terry McAuliffe Tries to Reinvent History

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  2. Hokie Guru

    FV, I don’t think we should be beating up our own… I think there are other bloggers out there that agree with that statement… I don’t really see other bloggers doing this… that’s only my opinion… I think Terry is running away with this nomination right now… we really shouldn’t give too much stuff to McDonnell’s group.

  3. Hokie Guru

    I haven’t seen NLS endorse anyone yet, but the folks at Blue Commonwealth and Blue Virignia (Lowell) have endorsed Terry Mac.

  4. Hokie Guru

    I will support whoever wins the primary… be it Terry, Brian, or Creigh.

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