Bush to Write Book

Note that Bush is reading the book upside down.

Note that Bush is reading this book called "America" upside down. Isn't that what he did to America: turn us upside down?

This headline from today’s Dallas Morning News made me snort out loud with laughter:  “Bush Book to Explain Decisions.”

Well that’s ironic, because he hardly ever did that during the 8 years he spent in the White House. I mean, what’s the point? Is he trying to reinvent history and reshape his legacy?

As I pointed out on Twitter, writing a book is pretty ambitious for W.: shouldn’t he read one first? (I mean beside The Pet Goat.)

I think I know what the first chapter is: one sentence — “Because Cheney said so.” Fortunately, Bush’s research assistant gathered the source material from White House archives before President Obama took office and W. headed back to Texas.


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  1. I love your blog & your twitter posts. You are one of my favorites on the site.

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