Steele: Feud with Rush was “all Strategic”

Remember the feud Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele had with Rush Limbaugh, where he called Limbaugh an “entertainer” and Limbaugh’s remarks “ugly” and “incendiary”? In less than 24 hours after speaking the truth, Steele recanted the remarks and apologized to Limbaugh — pulling what I call a Full Gingrey. The Democratic National Committee then launched

Well, Michael Steele now says his feud with Limbaugh was “all strategic” on his part. “It may look like a mistake, a gaffe, there’s a rationale — a logic for it.”

Maybe the Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick should go on CNN and say his gaffes were all strategic. That might convince the Central Committee not to fire him when they meet on April 4.

Hey, this hip hop “strategery” aimed at “one armed midgets” seems be working for Steele. (At least no one is trying to fire him.)



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2 responses to “Steele: Feud with Rush was “all Strategic”

  1. Just overheard from Michael Steele:

    “It was all strategic, baby! We was just tryin’ to make sure we never win any power again. Power’s a bitch, playa! It’s much more fun out of power with all my one-armed midgets, now can I get a hell yeah?!”

  2. blake

    So……Michael Steele’s political strategy is the equivalent of someone tripping on the sidewalk and then bursting into a sprint to cover it up?

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