It’s no secret that I don’t understand why any Virginia Democrat would seriously consider Terry McAuliffe to be worthy of their vote for Governor.

As for me, I can’t forgive McAuliffe for continue to push Hillary Clinton’s candidacy long past the point where she had a reasonable shot of winning. His shenanigans at the DNC to get the Fla. & Mich. delegates seated, his pushing her campaign all the way to Puerto Rico — it all had the potential to undermine and defeat Barack Obama. Indeed, in one interview, McAuliffe set the Democratic primaries of 1980 and 1984 as his model for 2008. (Need I point out that we elected Ronald Reagan in those elections?)

If the Macker is successful in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor of Virginia, get ready to see these clips re-run in the fall.



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2 responses to “Terrymania

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  2. Anon

    There is no way McAuliffe can win against McDonnell. He can’t talk (or buy) his way into the Guv’s mansion.

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