Bill Clinton to Endorse in Virginia Governor’s Race

Last night I learned that Former President Bill Clinton has decided to endorse in the Virginia Governor’s race.

But he’s not endorsing who you expect. According to sources close to Clintons, the former president will endorse State Sen. Creigh Deeds in the Democratic primary, citing Deeds’s middle of the road politics and appeal to centrist Democrats and independents.

The former President will announce his endorsement of  Sen. Deeds at a press conference Saturday with the Senator and his family at Monticello, the home of  Thomas Jefferson near Charlottesville, Va.

For her part, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not endorsing a candidate, but it should be noted that traditionally, Secretaries of State have not been involved in domestic politics. Friends of the Secretary tell me that she is supportive of President Clinton’s decision because she believe Sen. Deeds has the best chance of carrying the cities and counties of Southwest Virginia which were her core of support in last year’s Democratic primary against her new boss, President Barack Obama.

I’m told that former Del. Brian Moran made a strong play for the former President’s endorsement, but in the end, President Clinton felt that Deeds would be a better match up in the fall against GOP nominee Bob McDonnell.

Why have the Clintons broken with Terry McAuliffe? I’m told that the Secretary of State blames McAuliffe for her failed Democratic primary strategy which positioned Clinton’s candidacy as “inevitable” and ignored the contests beyond Iowa and New Hampshire. The Clintons informed McAuliffe personally over the weekend at a private meeting at their home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

Fortunately, for McAuliffe, today is April Fool’s Day, so none of what you’ve read in this post is true whatsoever.

But gosh, I wish some of Virginia’s Democrats would have the courage to stand up to Terry McAuliffe’s attempt to buy this race. Either Brian Moran or Creigh Deeds would be a much better governor than Terry McAuliffe, but McAuliffe seems intent on buying the job having outspent both candidates. Folk’s that’s no joke, April Fool’s or any other kind.



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2 responses to “Bill Clinton to Endorse in Virginia Governor’s Race

  1. Hokie Guru

    Classic 🙂

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