Glenn Beck: High Priest of the Paranoid in American Politics

I have a new favorite YouTube Channel and it’s run by Gil Smart, columnist with the Sunday News of Lancaster, Pa. Mr. Smart also blogs here. (He’s on Twitter, but hasn’t gotten the hang of it.)

I stumbled upon Mr. Smart’s commentary about what historian Richard Hofstadter called, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics.” It’s worth a look.

After calling out Rep. Eric Cantor for his performance last week on C-SPAN where he appears to agree with a caller’s statement that, “true fascism that is happening in this country today [under President Obama],” Mr. Smart has some choice words for TV commentator Glenn Beck whom he names as “the high priest of the paranoid style.”

Check it out. I know you’ll like it. After all a fellow named Bill O’Reilly said of Mr. Smart, “The fact that the Lancaster News allows a guy like that to write a column is disturbing as well as ridiculous.”



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2 responses to “Glenn Beck: High Priest of the Paranoid in American Politics

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  2. internet elias

    Interesting commentary on the ‘fear’ factor associated with the GOP. The sad thing is that most of the sweet and trusting grass roots conservative citizens BELIEVE everything Glen Beck says! With all the very unpatriotic accusations spewed forth about President Obama…I’m thinking….what, actually, is treason?

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