The 10.31 Project

1031projectTonight on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had this to say about that nut Glenn Beck and his 9.12 Project: “the 9-12 Project isn’t for people impacted by 9-11, it’s just for people building their careers on it.”

As example, Colbert reminded me of the time when Beck said he “hates” the victims of 9/11 and the victims of Hurricane Katrina, whom he calls “scumbags”.

At any rate, Colbert has started an effort to compete with Beck’s 9.12 Project. Colbert has dubbed his effort The 10.31 Project.  He is calling on all Americans to go door to door and demand sugary treats from their neighbors on the evening of October 31.

I’m with Colbert! Let’s take this country back, America! (I’ve already marked my calendar and signed up Ana Marie Cox.)



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4 responses to “The 10.31 Project

  1. It’s time we stand up for ourselves! I want my candy!

  2. Daniel Lewis

    Your Nuts. Glen Beck NEVER SAID THOSE THINGS. your ignorance is overwelming. if you want to live in a communist country move to russia and leave good people with an iq above room temprature to fix the united states. to revert power back to the people and away from the govenment. to resurrect the country the founding fathers started and take it away from those who would have us modeled after the country we FLED FROM IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE. BU DURRR

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