GOP Again Seeks to Divide Virginia

We saw it last year in Virginia from the Republicans. Division. Cynicism. Disdain. Hate.

John McCain’s campaign spokeswoman (and my muse) Nancy Pfotenhauer declared that Northern Virginia wasn’t, “real Virginia”. McCain’s brother Joe called Northern Virginia, “Communist Country”. Then-Sen. Elizabeth Dole called challenger now-Sen. Kay Hagan, “godless.” The Virginia GOP Chairman Jeff Frederick compared Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the GOP candidate for Vice President, spoke at length about “Pro-America”.

Well everywhere they tried to divide us, the Republicans lost, except when the people of Georgia re-elected Saxby Chambliss to the Senate. (I’ll never understand that.)

You would think the Republicans would realize that voters, in Virginia at least, won’t fall for the divide and conquer tactics they deployed before.

But apparently not. Now it’s Mike Huckabee’s turn to try to divide Virginia. In an appearance in Tazewell County, Huckabee urged voters to turn out in the fall for GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.

So Huckabee thinks here in Fake Virginia, we don’t understand what it means to be laid off and struggle to pay rent or lose a home to foreclosure.

And apparently he thinks the people of Tazewell County don’t love the mountains that are their home and don’t believe in taking care of the environment that God gave us stewardship over.

Give me a break.

What I want to know from Bob McDonnell if he endorses this kind of cynicism? If he does, I can guarantee Virginia will have another Democratic governor. If he rejects it, he might just earn the title of “His Excellency.”

And by the way, why does Fox News allow their employees to participate in political campaigns beyond covering them? Fair and balanced? What a joke!

p.s. Thanks to NotLarrySabato, Hokie Guru and the Democratic Party of Virginia for bringing this video to my attention. Follow them on Twitter and YouTube to stay informed about all things Virginia. (Well at least Virginia’s politics.)



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2 responses to “GOP Again Seeks to Divide Virginia

  1. Hokie Guru

    Fantastic post, FV… and you can follow me for everything Hokies 😀

  2. I actually think everyone’s REALLY over-exaggerating this. I saw Huckabee numerous times as a tracker in NH, SC, and FL last year as he campaigned, and he used this joke constantly. And it was always very obviously a joke.

    As far as Republicans go, I quite like him. He’s batshit loony toons, but personally I think he’s quite fun.

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