Cantor’s “Overreacting” Comment

Let’s be clear. At a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor this week, Eric Cantor did not say he believed we were overreacting to the current economic crisis as the Politico initially reported. He said his mancrush Rush “de Facto” Limbaugh believed that Washington was “overreacting” to the crisis.

The Politico, for it’s part, clarified and then reclarified what Rep. Cantor actually said.

But one thing is clear, the congressman didn’t back away from his mancrush on Rush Limbaugh. And on the day when the Labor Department reported 26 year high in unemployment claims, Rep. Cantor was strangely silent.

I will say that there’s one thing I agree with Congressman Cantor on:  “[it’s] the middle-of-the-road folks who determine elections.” Unfortunately for the GOP, Mr. Cantor has no idea how to appeal to anyone but the far right wing.

That said, what do you think of this Web Ad created by the Rapid Response Team at the Democratic National Committee? Was Cantor quoted out of context as his office complains? Or is Cantor claiming a distinction without a difference?


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