Jeff has Left

Jeff and Amy Frederick

The final vote is in. The Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia has voted to remove Del. Jeff Frederick as its chairman in a  57-18 vote.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, one member of the committee from Roanoke was unable to attend and their proxy was not counted and according to Bearing Drift, Morton Blackwell abstained, so only 75 votes were cast. Frederick needed to win 19 votes to remain chairman. Earlier today, The Washington Post reports that 67 members attended in person, with 9 members being represented by proxy voters who were approved.

No doubt, Frederick views this as a temporary departure from the chairmanship. Remember, he indicated to the Richmond Times-Dispatch that if he is removed, he will be a candidate for the chairmanship at the Virginia Republican Convention to be held in Richmond on May 29-30. The expected nominee for Governor and Frederick opponent Bob McDonnell, has arranged for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to be the keynote speaker at the Gala. Interestingly, although Frederick announced in February that Fox News’s Sean Hannity would speak at the convention, Mr. Hannity is no longer listed on the RPV’s website as a speaker. (Maybe McDonnell’s team withdrew the invitation.)

In my view, today’s decision sets up Frederick as a political martyr in the eyes of the religious conservatives who elected him. These are the voters Bob McDonnell needs to get elected and I believe that they will stay home in November, particularly if the Democrats nominate Creigh Deeds, who most view as the most conservative of the Democratic candidates for governor. McDonnell better hope that he faces Terry McAuliffe, whose ties to the Clintons and his history of antagonizing the right will force Frederick’s supporters to help McDonnell anyway.

But in no means is this over. I really believe that this decision sets up the Republican Party of Virginia to go the way of the Republicans in Kansas. Personally, I am delighted.

BTW, I wonder how long before Frederick’s bio and photo are removed from the RPV’s $60,000 website?

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5 responses to “Jeff has Left

  1. Frederick’s name and pic are already gone.

    Those Republicans who believe in small government and personal responsibility should be very afraid of the religion-based idealogs we have running our Party.

    Bob McDonnell is a fascist, not a Republican…those of his ilk, like Obenshain, Lohr, etc. did the Republican Party a great disfavor by taking out Jeff, when the blame for the current condition of Virginia’s GOP lies in the hands of every single Republican sitting in elective office at every level of government.

  2. He was a bumbling fool, but definitely not the problem with the party as Dave said. It would be like the national party sacking Steele; just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  3. Virginia GOPer

    Though I didn’t witness the following personally, so for what it’s worth, our local committee heard rumblings about problems last year between RPV and RNC and the McCain campaign.
    We even heard about an RPV official walking out on an RNC meeting. But something wasn’t right because, soon after that, when we tried for several weeks to get McCain and McCain/Palin yard signs, we couldn’t get any from – anywhere.

    So, for the first time in the 12 years that I’ve been a Republican grass roots volunteer, we had to buy our own yard signs and other campaign items! Local Republican loyals who wanted yard signs & info were kind enough to make donations to defray our committee’s cost, or our unit treasury would have been severely drained of alot of money that we need for local and state elections.

    Also, we were promised phones for phone banks: we had alot of very willing, enthusiastic volunteers lined up, a place to make the calls and we waited, and waited; finally RPV told us we could have the phones, but we had to pay for the (to me) high-tech software used to automatically record the answers. I believe that would have been approx. $1000.

    So, I wasn’t impressed w/ Mr. Frederick’s leadership over the last 10 months.

    Also, it’s been reported that the grassroots folks will have a backlash.
    As mentioned before, I’ve been actively involved in Republican politics for 12 years and I’ve haven’t seen many of the so-called “grassroots” folks who show up (‘stack’ the events?) at mass meetings & conventions except when some of the more conservative candidates are running.

    I don’t see them at the local committee meetings; at festival booths handing out literature and talking to local residents about our candidates – often in inclement weather; I didn’t see them getting splinters in their hands -before we started using placards or plastic covers on wire signs – and the volunteers getting chiggers on them putting up candidate signs; I haven’t seen them doing the dirty work organizing, and yes, working hard to put on fundraisers for our Republican candidates.

    I guess that’s why they have time to gripe & ‘backlash.’ If these folks are the Christians that many of them claim to be, they wouldn’t be talking ‘backlash’ ; they’d be turning the other cheek; they would be talking of trying to get our Republican candidates elected.
    Yes, they’re upset now, but it won’t do any good to have more Democrats in these offices.

    Getting the high threshold of 75% of the SCC doesn’t happen just because the “Old Guard” was unhappy with last year’s chairman’s race.

  4. I’m absolutely STUNNED that Jeff Frederick was ousted. This is the kind of despicable, “smoke-filled backroom” politics of personal destruction that is going to absolutely KILL the VA GOP. Frederick represented the truly conservative grassroots of the GOP – that’s why he was able to defeat the liberal Hager at the convention last year. The liberal losers couldn’t stand that, and made sure to win back “their” party. Well, congratulations, guys — now the VA GOP wil LOSE, LOSE, LOSE, just like it did thanks to your boy Hager. Frederick was beginning to turn things around — you’d better pray he runs again at this convention, and gets elected. Otherwise, you’re in the permanent minority.

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