Why the NVTC Forum Doesn’t Matter

CQ Politics has a lengthy post and video about Friday’s “joint appearance” by Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates sponsored by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC). The event was held at Microsoft’s Reston office in the heart of Fake Virginia. The candidates were asked to focus on business issues.

But who cares?

I’ve attended several meetings of the NVTC over the years. It’s largely a networking group for small business owners and independent business consultants in Fairfax County. Perhaps it will help the candidates with fundraising, but no real news was made by the event. NVTC fancies itself a political force before the General Assembly, but NVTC members are not monolithic and most business people in Fairfax County I know would tell you NVTC doesn’t speak for them in Richmond.

Personally, until these forums are televised statewide and the candidates are allowed to have discussions with one another, they won’t matter.

For those keeping score at home, here is the schedule for the remaining “joint appearances” and “debates” for the Democrats:

  • April 19th: Farm Team Debate in Williamsburg
  • April 21st: Crusade for Voters Forum in Richmond
  • April 23rd: Virginia Education Association’s Convention Debate in Hampton
  • April 28th: Sorensen Institute/Danville Register & Bee Debate in Danville
  • April 29th: Huffington Post/Not Larry Sabato/Fire Dog Lake/Collegiate Times Debate in Blacksburg
  • May 19th: Washington Post/Northern Virginia Community College Debate in Annandale
  • TBD: Democratic Club of Greensprings Forum in Greensprings

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One response to “Why the NVTC Forum Doesn’t Matter

  1. I went to the NVTC forum. It was OK. I work for a large technology company that is not a memeber of the NVTC. However, when I saw that you could just register online and attend for free – that’s what I did.

    Overall, Terry McAulliffe seemed, by far, to be the most in tune with those of us here in Fake Virginia. His factoid that residents of Fairfax County comprise 14% of the state’s population byt pay 28% of the state income taxes was the first time I have heard a state wide candidate utter the start of the T-work (transfer of wealth). I find it fascinating that the hard core Republicans routinely hammer Obama for participating in a transfer of wealth while it’s the Republican Party in Virginia that is the driving force behind the continuing wealth transfer in this state.

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