Paranoid Right Wing Nut Job Doubts Legitimacy of Tar Heel Win

Obama and the Tarheels. Photo credit: AP

Obama and the Tar Heels. Photo credit: AP

Tonight the University of North Carolina Tar Heels won the NCAA Championship in Men’s Basketball, beating a remarkable Michigan State team 89-72. It was a fantastic game and both teams should be congratulated. But for the Tar Heels, it was an unprecedented run to the championship title.

Yet, somewhere in Michigan there is a right wing Republican paranoid nutcase who is claiming that UNC Coach Roy Williams is a socialist and the Tar Heel squad is made up of NCAA-ineligible athletes and should never have been awarded the championship trophy.

Maybe it’s that Amway dude who lost the race for governor of Michigan a few years back.

At any rate, President Obama must be happy. He picked the Tar Heels in his brackets to win it all and he played a pickup game with them during a visit to Chapel Hill, NC during the 2008 campaign.

Need I remind you that President Obama turned North Carolina Blue?

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2 responses to “Paranoid Right Wing Nut Job Doubts Legitimacy of Tar Heel Win

  1. jroc133

    This is getting outrageous. As it becomes more and more apparent that our country is changing b/c of the key word PROGRESS, the social and fiscal conservative movement becomes more and more ideological (pc correct term for crazy). This is getting ridiculous.

    As a forward thinker who works w/ conservatives in my workplace, there is a powderkeg forming and these people are definitely angry.

    Anytime our country (or the world at large) goes through groundswell changes, the resentment gets so high that something disastrours is bound to happen. What’s the worst that could happen?

    An assassination attempt against Barry O isn’t the worst. An attempt on one of his kids or his wife – that’s another issue.

    I pray that I’m just being paranoid in my own right, but there are people out there who

    1.) still believe that Iraq had WMD’s
    2.) still believe that Dems are socialists
    3.) still believe that Ronald Reagan is coming back

    Someone please talk me down…

  2. Hokie Guru

    Great post 🙂

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