Fake Virginia is now on Facebook

find_us_on_facebook_badge1One of the reasons I started this blog is because, during the 2008 election, my friends — even my Democratic friends — grew a little weary of my political posts on my Facebook page.

You remember that “Less of” button? My friends, especially my GOP friends, pressed it a lot in September, October and November last year. By creating this blog, I wanted to give my friends a break from the all politics, all the time. Now if they want to hear my political opinions, they get that here.

But with the new Facebook format, which everyone seems to hate except me, pages are more like profiles. Because there’s a “Wall” where I can post links to articles I like, it seems like it will be a bit easier to manage. What I also like about Facebook is that I think it would be easier for you to interact with me and with each other. Plus, my Facebook friends from my personal page can follow me there if they want to. I’ve also set the page’s settings so you can post content there. (Hint, hint.)

We’ll see how it goes. If it’s not fun or if it takes too much time, I’ll kill it. But for now, we’ll see how things go.

You can find my Facebook page by doing a search for “Fake Virginia” in the upper right hand corner of your page or you can click here and become a “fan”.
Come visit, say hello and meet some fellow Fake Virginians.

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