Undaunted, Frederick Plots His Comeback

You have to hand it to Del. Jeff Frederick, the former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. He is undaunted in the face of his removal by the GOP’s State Central Committee last weekend.

On Monday in an interview with the Washington Post, Frederick once again indicated his intent to reclaim the chairmanship. “I’m very concerned about the party’s ability to win in the fall,” Frederick said. “The current track we are on will not provide the results that we need.”

Frederick later told David Freddoso of the National Review that he blames presumptive GOP Gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell for his removal. “He wanted to, as one person described it to me, play Pontius Pilate and wash his hands,” Frederick said.

But as Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia told the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “The worst outcome for the party would be for Frederick to run in May and win back his post, because this would guarantee that the divisiveness continues, and it would overshadow McDonnell’s hoped-for unity convention.”

In my view, NPR’s Ken Rudin sums it up best of all, “…before Old Dominion Republicans are going to take back the governorship after an eight-year absence, they are going to have to get their act together.”

As a Democrat fearful of what a Governor McDonnell could do to the progress Virginia has enjoyed under Governor Kaine and predecessor Sen. Mark Warner, I hope that Frederick is successful in his comeback bid. I’m convinced that the return of Frederick to the RPV will spell defeat for Republicans across the Commonwealth.

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2 responses to “Undaunted, Frederick Plots His Comeback

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  2. Jack Smith

    This guy is a walking, talking catastrophe for the GOP. If you go back ten years and look when he ran the Emory University College Republicans (his first political job), he single-handedly started a five-year rift that resulted in his college organization being kicked out of the statewide College Republican organization –all because his candidate did not win the position of state chairman. Then, as now, he was surrounded by a gang of gullible lickspittles and boobs who believed his mantra that he was “getting Republicans elected,” when, in fact, he sowed dissent and confusion wherever he cast his foul shadow. Jeff Frederick is a 33 year old spoiled child. He will bring nothing but division and incompetence to any position he gets. Anyone remotely familiar with his track record (let alone his recent antics such as a “secret” trip overseas in the middle of a national election (dereliction of duty as a state chairman)) who still supports him for anything with more authority than the position of solid waste collector will get exactly what they deserve.

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