The Real Bob McDonnell

I decided some time ago that Bob McDonnell was a candidate with a veneer of moderate politics, but that in his heart, he is a far right extreme conservative. When I learned that he courted the support of religious fundamentalist Pat Robertson, that’s all I needed to know.

Now the Democratic Governors Association has funded an independent political action committee called “Common Sense Virginia.” Its purpose to to educate voters about Bob McDonnell’s record and his view. Their first project is a website called, “The Real Bob McDonnell”.

Boy are the Republicans pissed.

The spokesman for the Republican Governors Association told the Washington Post, that “It’s a desperate attempt to distract from the unions’ plans to takeover the state.”

In the same story, McDonnell’s spokesman said, “National Democrats are importing the politics of fear and division.” Later, he dubbed the effort a “vicious attack” in remarks to The Hotline.

In my view, Bob McDonnell shouldn’t have anything to worry about if he’s not ashamed of his right wing views. But if he is, I imagine we will hear more protests from his spokesman, who apparently has already forgotten the divisive remarks made by Mike Huckabee just days ago.

Check out this video from Common Sense Virginia.

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One response to “The Real Bob McDonnell

  1. Chad

    I never knew much about Bob McDonnell until I saw a commercial explaining how he voted to not accept Federal money. Thanks for the commercial!! I support just about anybody who doesn’t take a handout from this government.

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