Who will rescue the GOP from Pirates?

I’m watching the news that Navy Seals have rescued Captain Richard Phillips from the Somali pirates who took over Phillips’ cargo ship  and I’m especially enjoying the reaction from the right wing on Twitter and Fox News.

While they are happy that the pirates were killed and all the Americans survived, no one is giving ANY credit to President Obama or Defense Secretary Gates. Instead, the TV chatter and the #tcot Tweets seems to be focused on the need to arm these cargo ships so they can defend themselves against future attacks. They also are demanding the U.S. defy resolutions from the U.N.

Now imagine if this naval operation had not gone as planned. What if a Navy Seal had been killed or what if Captain Phillips was killed. Can you imagine the outrage and attacks which would be aimed at President Obama and his administration?

The truth is that Captain Phillips’ ship is not the only victim of foreign pirates. It’s my view that the Republican Party has been hijacked by pirates, too. Except these pirates are not Somali, but largely a group of shrieking, hysterical, paranoid, irrational, C-Span-watching, bunker dwelling, Glenn Beck-bawling, Rush Limbaugh-listening Luddites who will never give President Obama any credit for doing anything right and will always be looking to blame him for anything that goes wrong.

My question for Republicans is what are you going to do about that? Are you going to rescue your party? Or let your strategy to regain the majority center around tea bags, birth certificates, teleprompters, ACORN, Norm Coleman and Jim Tedisco. Do you really thing that’s solving the problems facing America’s families?

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