Stand up for Virginia

While the Republican Party of Virginia is busy pondering the possible return next month of its deposed chairman, Del. Jeff Frederick, the team at Democratic Party of Virginia is hard at work.

The DPV’s  latest project is an effort to tell the story of how GOP members of the Virginia General Assembly chose to turn up their collective noses at $125 million in Federal stimulus funds which would have gone to help approximately 291,000 jobless Virginians. Dubbed, “Stand up for Virginia,” the effort has a Website and a Facebook page which will help the Democrats identify supporters by delegate district. There’s also a form on the Website for you to tell your story about how the Republicans’s decision to reject the funds has impacted your family and loved ones.

Most importantly, the DPV asks you to sign a petition calling lawmakers, “to go back to Richmond and do the right thing.” While the folks at Tertium Quids see the “Stand Up for Virginia” effort a “game,” they begrudgingly give the DPV credit for moving quickly to get the effort up and running.

If “Stand up for Virginia” is an indication of what we can expect from the DPV as we head into the fall elections, I’m pretty optimistic we’ll see some Democratic gains in November.

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