Bob McDonnell Said, “No” to Virginia’s Unemployed

By now you’ve heard that Bob McDonnell and the Republican legislators rejected $125 million in jobless benefits from the Federal government. With this act, they said, “No” to the nearly 300,000 Virginians who are unemployed.

The Stand Up for Virginia team is traveling across the Commonwealth and listening to unemployed Virginians. If you’re out of work, look for them in your town soon so you can tell McDonnell and the GOP what you think of their decision.

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3 responses to “Bob McDonnell Said, “No” to Virginia’s Unemployed

  1. Actually, what he said was “no” to those who don’t want them ever to be employed again (i.e., core Democrat voters).

  2. blake e

    Yeah, thats the most close-minded @sshat statement that i’ve heard in a while.

    It’s a really ignorant thought that people that are on unemployment by choice. Especially to have such arrogant, out of touch view during a recession that has cost the jobs of people of every race/state/income level/education level/political affiliation.

  3. jenny

    Great idea. McDonnell should be told exactly what people think of him rejecting this money. They have three videos up, the stories are so moving.

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