Offshore Drilling: Where Do Deeds and McAuliffe Stand?

Earlier this month, I posted a lengthier piece on why I am opposed to drilling off the shore of Virginia. After reading the environmental reports, I’ve concluded that the risks to our tourism and commericial fishing industries far outweigh the potential gain.

From what I’ve been able to tell Brian Moran is clearly against offshore drilling, while Bob McDonnell clearly supports it. I’m not sure where Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe stand, but here’s a new YouTube video which uses McAuliffe’s new energy ad airing in Hampton Roads and questions his stance on offshore drilling.

I’d welcome comments from all the candidates to provide policy statements here. Frankly, I’d like to hear more from all the candidates on this issue, even Brian Moran, who shares my view. Are McAuliffe and Deeds aligned with Moran on this or McDonnell?

Meanwhile, what do you think about off shore drilling?

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2 responses to “Offshore Drilling: Where Do Deeds and McAuliffe Stand?

  1. Jonathan

    Joe Trippi is making these videos. Terry McAuliffe is clearly FOR wind off our coast and AGAINST off-shore drilling for oil….maybe you should read his business plan for Virginia.

    Meanwhile, our other highly-regarded politicians like Mark Warner and Brian Moran have come out FOR exploring off-shore drilling (Warner) or even VOTED FOR OFF-SHORE DRILLING (Brian Moran).

    But this video was clearly not produced by the netroots, this is Joe Trippi all the way.

    • I don’t know who produced this video and I’m not sure that matters. What does matter are the facts.

      The facts are that the 2006 vote which Brian Moran cast was for the state to develop a comprehensive environmental plan. Exploration of offshore resources — oil, natural gas and wind — was part of that plan. The bill as I read it didn’t mandate or authorize drilling, but exploration.

      It seems to me that we need to know how much oil and gas is available if we are to weigh the risks of off shore drilling. I would have voted with Moran and the majority of the House of Delegates on that bill and I don’t support drilling. Those that do, however, seem to believe that there are huge amounts of oil and gas available. The future study which that bill authorized will provide the information needed to refute the claims of the “Drill, Baby, Drill” crowd.

      Meanwhile, last fall, because the moratorium against drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf was not renewed, the U.S. Department of the Interior opened a comment period for the public to express its views.

      Brian Moran was the only candidate for Governor to file any comments in the proceeding. He joined the U.S. Navy and NASA in filing comments opposing drilling. He did so after learning of the full scope of what would be at risk if we drilled.

      Interestingly, Gov. Kaine followed the same path as Moran. Kaine was supportive of the bill Moran supported and then later weighed in with with Interior Department’s proceeding against drilling.

      Neither Sen. Deeds nor Terry McAuliffe filed comments in the proceeding. Under the law, the Interior Department must give the comments weight as they make their final ruling. I’m disappointed that neither of them chose to make this a priority.

      Furthermore, it’s a fact that as of this writing, McAuliffe’s energy plan as printed on his website has not one mention of his position on offshore drilling. The same is the case for Sen. Deeds.

      Terry McAuliffe and Creigh Deeds may indeed be opposed to offshore drilling or they may support it, but from what I can tell, they are silent and MIA on this issue.

      Instead when I raise the point that Brian Moran is the only candidate to oppose offshore drilling, McAuliffe supporters like you cry foul.

      I would be thrilled to know that McAuliffe shares Moran’s position, but there is nothing in his energy plan which indicates that. Please provide a link to the portion of his plan which says otherwise.

      If you ask me, McAuliffe has an interesting idea to look into offshore wind energy, I’m not sure what the risks are to the marine eco-systems so I am not sure what I think about it.

      But when Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling have made offshore drilling a focal point of their energy plans, it’s not unreasonable for voters to ask where a prospective Democratic nominee stands on this issue.

      From my view, Moran has the right position and McAuliffe and Deeds have not yet come around. Rather than attempting to distort the record of the candidate you don’t support, I would urge you to contact your candidate and ask him to be more forthcoming and vocal in his thinking here.

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