The Macker’s Biggest Backer

Though I joked with you on April Fool’s Day that former President Bill Clinton was endorsing Creigh Deeds over Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran in Virginia’s governor’s race, this week, the McAuliffe campaign made it official. The former president will appear at a series of rallies across the state for the ultimate FOB (Friend of Bill), McAuliffe.

In October, the President appeared at several rallies for then-Sen. Barack Obama after Obama won the presidential nomination. Leading up to those rallies, the Washington Post had a very compelling analysis of the value of a Clinton endorsement in Virginia. I urge you to re-read it as you gauge the value of the latest Clinton rallies.

Despite the fact that President Clinton failed to carry Virginia both times he ran, no doubt he is popular with Democratic primary voters. The question I have is if Clinton is so popular among Virginia Democrats, why didn’t they vote for Hillary Clinton in her primary run against Obama?

Here’s a map of what happened the last time President Clinton endorsed in a Virginia primary.

Image credit:

Image credit:

I also think it’s useful to review the results from the general election. How much do you think the Clinton rallies helped Obama? This map may be useful.
2008 President Election results by locality. Image credit:

2008 President Election results by locality. Image credit:

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One response to “The Macker’s Biggest Backer

  1. v

    So, Clinton might help with SWVA voters by taking from Deeds and giving to McAuliffe?

    This is about African-American voters, but if they turn out, it’ll be because they want to vote against McAuliffe.

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