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Deeds Endorsed by Martinsville Bulletin

It wasn’t just the Bristol Herald Courier that endorsed Sen. Creigh Deeds for Governor of Virginia Sunday. The Martinsville Bulletin did as well. The Bulletin wrote in part:

Time and time again, partisanship has blocked progress, and even common sense, in Virginia. It is time for that to end, and we believe Sen. Creigh Deeds is the person who can make that happen. Continue reading

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Bristol Herald Courier: Deeds is “best suited” to be Va. Governor

Creigh Deeds was endorsed by the Bristol Herald Courier this morning. The editorial board of the paper had good things to say about both Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe, but threw their support to Deeds. They write in part:

…we believe Deeds is best suited, with his 18 years of experience building relationships across Virginia and a deep understanding of rural challenges. Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell theme song lyrics: “Leave the sinkin’ ship behind”

At the Virginia Republican Convention today in Richmond, Republican Nominee for Governor Bob McDonnell was introduced with a Creedence Clearwater Revival song — “Up Around the Bend“.

Didn’t someone check the lyrics of this catchy tune?

There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ just as fast as my feet can fly
Come away, come away if you’re goin’, leave the sinkin’ ship behind. Continue reading

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New ad up from Creigh Deeds

This week Creigh Deeds started a major media buy in Hampton Roads, Richmond, Roanoke, and Bristol with this ad promoting his candidacy for Governor of Virginia. The Washington Post has the details on the size of the buy and what the other candidates are doing.  What do you think?

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Ralph Nader accuses Terry McAuliffe of trying to buy him off

It's voter suppression in April; in May, it's not a big deal.

It's voter suppression in April; in May, it's not a big deal.

Today the Washington Post ran a blog post where Ralph Nader accused Terry McAuliffe of offering him an undisclosed amount of money to pull out of 19 battleground states in the 2004 Presidential election. (“Nader Accuses McAuliffe of Suppressing Votes”.) There is also a story out tonight which will be in tomorrow’s paper. (“Nader: McAuliffe Offered Money To Avoid Key States in ’04 Race”)

So what did Terry McAuliffe have to say about this? Did he deny it? Um, no.  He had his campaign spokeswoman respond to the Post on his behalf. She didn’t deny Nader’s accusation at all. Instead, she sought to dismiss it. Continue reading


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Are all Republicans this Stupid?

If you have any doubt how tone deaf the Republican Party is, watch this video. Rep. Tom Price, Republican of Georgia, chairman of the Republican Study Group, complains that President Obama is dividing America because he stood up to the investment bankers looking for a government bailout. (So the GOP is on the side of the investment bankers?)

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The Republicans and Judge Sotomayor

I’ve been amused today to watch the anti-Obama Republicans grapple with how they can oppose the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. To understand just how boxed in they are politically, it’s helpful to review their history. Continue reading

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