Eric Cantor, Bob McDonnell and GOP Rebranding

Last year former Virginia Congressman Tom Davis compared the GOP brand to dog food.

Last year former Virginia Congressman Tom Davis compared the GOP brand to dog food.

Virginia GOP Congressman Eric Cantor has brought the GOP “rebranding campaign” to Virginia. Today Cantor is hosting the first event of what he’s calling the National Council for a New America. Cantor even has a nifty URL for his rebranding campaign: On the website and on Twitter, Cantor has invited you to nominate your town for an event.

That’s almost as exciting as the last Britney Spears concert I went to!

In his video on the NCNA site, Cantor claims that: “We want to invite you to present your ideas and to offer your solutions to the challenges facing all of us.” Given his history of what he calls “an open forum” and “dialog”, I’m not holding my breath that anything more than photo-ops and grandstanding will occur. (That alone may be enough to attract Bob McDonnell, the presumptive GOP nominee for Governor, to come to Arlington where the event is being held.)

Since Cantor is seeking suggestions on where to hold the next NCNA forum, I suggested Martinsville, Va. where unemployment is over 20%. When Republicans in Virginia’s General Assembly were asked by Gov. Tim Kaine to vote to extend the benefits of Virginia’s unemployed with $125 million in Federal Stimulus money, they said no, with two exceptions.

Republicans Danny Marshall and Don Merricks, the two GOP  members of the Virginia House of Delegates who stood up for their unemployed constituents and voted with Gov. Kaine and the Democrats to extend benefits, both represent Martinsville and the surrounding area. It’s a part of Virginia which has been devastated with job losses in recent months.

Perhaps Dels. Marshall and Merricks would join with me and invite Rep. Cantor and Bob McDonnell to hold a forum in Martinsville to get the ideas of the people of Martinsville, Henry County, Pittsylvania County and Danville.

Here’s a sampling of what they would hear. The question is, would Cantor and McDonnell listen like Marshall and Merricks did? One would hope. But given that they haven’t heard the messages of 2008 or 2006, I’m not very hopeful.

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One response to “Eric Cantor, Bob McDonnell and GOP Rebranding

  1. ReaganTMan

    I find it hard to believe that any self respecting Virginian would believe ads being funded by outside liberal groups and Obama surrogates simply because they fear losing the state to the GOP.

    Anyone who wants to continue the Democrats’ trend toward tax increases, more government regulation and increasing entitlements at the expense of transportation and job creation can go ahead and vote for a carpet bagger like Terry McAuliffe.

    I for one want my state run by a home grown competent fiscal conservative whose priorities are to create jobs, fix the transportation system and get offshore drilling going so we can make some real money here in the commonwealth.

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