Is Creigh Deeds the “Mine That Bird” Candidate for Virginia Governor?

Mine That Bird caught nearly everyone by surprise in winning yesterday's Kentucky Derby.

Mine That Bird caught nearly everyone by surprise in winning yesterday's Kentucky Derby.

The Washington Post has an interesting blog post out today which describes how the campaigns of Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran reacted to yesterday’s above the fold A1 story examining McAuliffe’s past business dealings.

Amy Gardner, the reporter who wrote the Sunday story blogs that McAuliffe’s campaign distributed their rebuttal to the story at 10:51 p.m. Saturday night, just hours after the story appeared online, shortly after that, the Moran campaign issued a news release at 1:22 a.m on Sunday morning. criticizing McAuliffe for his past business dealings.

Their rival, Creigh Deeds, said nothing about the story. That makes me wonder if Deeds isn’t counting on McAuliffe and Moran beating each other up in the closing weeks of the campaign. Is Deeds planning to turn out rural Virginians to vote for him? Is this escaping media attention?

Will Deeds run to an unexpected victory like “Mine That Bird” the winner of yesterday’s Kentucky Derby? I understand that Mine That Bird had 50-1 odds. I don’t think the odds of a Deeds win are that long, but I wonder if the media in the major news markets are paying close enough attention to the Deeds field operation, particularly in the Shenandoah Valley and Southwestern Virginia.

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2 responses to “Is Creigh Deeds the “Mine That Bird” Candidate for Virginia Governor?

  1. Jass

    By the looks of his first ad? No. Not even close. This guy has already lost twice statewide. 2009 will make him the only triple crown he’s ever gonna get and that’s for losing.

    He’s way too conservative on social issues too, sorta a conservative Democrat re-treed from the types of losers Democrats ran statewide in the past in southern states.

    Deeds has no appeal to the base of Democrats in NoVA, and that’s how we win.


  2. Yes, Creigh Deeds is more conservative than the base of voters in NoVa. This is a feature, not a bug. Despite the slumping fortunes of the national Republican Party and the recent circus in the Virginia party, Bob McDonnell is a formidable candidate and will be a tough opponent to beat in November. Deeds is the Democratic candidate best positioned to take him on state-wide in the general election, the most likely to sway independents and disaffected Republicans. In the 2005 race for Attorney General, he won 10% of Republican voters over to his side.

    Yes, Deeds did lose that race — by a nose hair, 263 votes out of 1.9 million cast. Virginians tend to prefer Republicans for that office, and McDonnell outspent him 2 to 1. Given the national importance of this gubernatorial race, the national Democratic party and out-of-state contributors will not let that happen this time, and if Deeds wins the primary he will have the funds to compete on an even playing field.

    Deeds, like the rest of Virginia, has been “slowly” becoming more progressive over the years. He is thus in a good position to lead by example and help the rest of us poor benighted Virginians who live south of the Washington suburbs evolve along with him. He’s also in a good position to work with and lead the legislature toward progressive goals. I can see the distinct possibility that either McAuliffe or Moran would spend four years being thwarted and stymied, leaving office having fought the good fight but having accomplished nothing, thus making it harder for the next Democratic candidate.

    Unless you want to see a Pat Robertson-branded Christian Soldier inviting his mentor in for sleepovers in the governor’s mansion, you should get off your high horse and support the pragmatic choice. Plus, Deeds is a super-nice guy, cares about NoVa’s issues and can effectively sell them to the Southwest, and really listens. If you want to try to move him to your viewpoint, I expect you will get his respectful and open-minded attention.

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