Are all Republicans this Stupid?

If you have any doubt how tone deaf the Republican Party is, watch this video. Rep. Tom Price, Republican of Georgia, chairman of the Republican Study Group, complains that President Obama is dividing America because he stood up to the investment bankers looking for a government bailout. (So the GOP is on the side of the investment bankers?)

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4 responses to “Are all Republicans this Stupid?

  1. felicity

    The ones taking bailout money are not the ones Obama’s vilifying!

    Price’s is not a well constructed argument, no doubt, but the Obama Administration is definitely abusing its bully pulpit:

    And it’s already worked on you — you’ve so readily accepted Obama’s spin!

  2. timma

    yes they are.

  3. Hokie Guru

    Who actually quotes National Review?

  4. felicity

    @Hokie Guru

    People who actually read it (as opposed to just reading the url!).

    The point is, Obama didn’t stand up to bankers seeking a bailout; he punished banking firms that had not received bailout money, forcing senior investors to forgive a far greater percentage of their loans to Chrysler than the junior lenders at the UAW (payback of 30 cents on the dollar vs 50 cents/dollar to the UAW).

    Banks that had received TARP money were easier to convince that they must accept the greater losses, but those aren’t the ones Obama was talking about.

    Don’t care for Buckley’s Review? Fine. Here’s a WSJ piece:

    (Yeah, I know — Who quotes the WSJ???)

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