Deeds Endorsed by Martinsville Bulletin

It wasn’t just the Bristol Herald Courier that endorsed Sen. Creigh Deeds for Governor of Virginia Sunday. The Martinsville Bulletin did as well. The Bulletin wrote in part:

Time and time again, partisanship has blocked progress, and even common sense, in Virginia. It is time for that to end, and we believe Sen. Creigh Deeds is the person who can make that happen.

I agree. One of the reasons I am supporting Sen. Deeds over his primary opponents is that Sen. Deeds is respected and liked by Democrats, independents and Republicans in the legislature. I don’t have confidence that the other two candidates in the Democratic primary could secure legislative support for much of anything they propose. (That’s assuming they could beat Bob McDonnell — and I am doubtful that they could do that.)

Today, in highlighting the Herald Courier and Bulletin endorsements, the Washington Post pointed out that the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot do not endorse political candidates as a matter of policy.

There are still some major newspapers out there who may endorse — namely the Roanoke Times and the Daily Press of Newport News. But as the Post said today:

Newspaper endorsements, especially those in Martinsville and Bristol, are not likely to change a lot of votes. But it helps perpetuate Deeds’ message that he has seen momentum in the last few weeks and definitely should not be counted out. Besides, in a low turnout primary — as this one is expected to be — every little bit counts.

I tend to agree. That’s why the candidates make such a big deal about these straw polls. That said, my sense is that the Washington Post endorsement of Deeds will make a difference, especially in Northern Virginia. In fact, when Sen. Deeds wins, I think most observers will credit the editorial board of the Post.

We shall see.

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