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Richmond Times Dispatch Editorial Bd: Rupert Murdoch Wannabes?

It’s not a very well kept secret in journalism circles that the editorial board of the Richmond Times Dispatch is not entirely independent in their thinking. The RTD is free to endorse whomever they want in local and statewide campaigns but the owners at Media General demand that the RTD toe the GOP line when it comes to presidential politics. This is also the case at other Media General newspapers.

Maybe Marshall N. Morton, President and Chief Executive Officer at Media General think of himself as the Rupert Murdoch of Southern journalism. I don’t know.

Today’s editorial criticizing President Obama and his recent exchange with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is as good an example of any of the GOP double standard that the editorial board exhibits time after time.

Does anyone think the Richmond Times Dispatch would ever have editorialized against former President George W. Bush and his relationship with Saudi King Abdullah?

Remember, the House of Saud and the House of Bush go wayyyyyyy back.

Maybe next Sunday the RTD will write about, “the kiss.”

I’m not holding my breath.

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Undermined Trust: Why Sanford Should Resign

When President Clinton admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky, a backbencher Congressman remarked to CNN in 1999, ““If you undermine trust in our system, you undermine everything.”

That Congressman represented Charleston, S.C. at the time. He went on to become the Governor of the Palmetto State. His name: Mark Sanford. Continue reading

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Obama’s Climate Change Win: Who Backed the President, Who Didn’t and Why

Yesterday evening, the House of Representatives passed an historic climate change bill which will reduce the level of greenhouse gases emitted in the U.S. over time by requiring polluting businesses to purchase credits to continue to pollute at current levels. Businesses who pollute less will be able to profit from selling the credits to businesses who aren’t willing to change their polluting ways.

The vote was close. 8 Republicans joined the Democratic leadership to pass the bill, while 44 Democrats joined Republicans in voting against the bill. Continue reading


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Why I am sympathetic to Mark Sanford

In last night’s post, I tried to explain why I am sympathetic to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his family, but I did so inarticulately after a long day of work. Yes, I think he’s been a extraordinarily ineffective governor. (See his stimulus grandstanding and his numerous overidden vetos by a legislature controlled by his own party.)

For your consideration, I offer the sharper obserservations of Gary Kamiya of Salon, John Dickerson of Slate  and William Saletan also of Slate. All did a better job than I did. Continue reading

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My thanks and my questions for The State newspaper

The newspaper business is a dying one. We’ve seen the papers in Seattle and Denver shut down and thousands of journalists have been laid off this year as publishers struggle to retain subscribers and advertisers as the public moves to online sources for news.

In light of this, I think it’s impressive that The State newspaper, the largest in South Carolina, has led the country in breaking the news about Gov. Mark Sanford and his lies about his extramarital affair. The Columbia paper has beaten out national media and every other news outlet in the state in covering this story, reporting exclusive, after exclusive. Continue reading

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My thoughts on Mark Sanford

Today I watched Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina admit an extramarital affair in a rather painful news conference from Columbia. I am not a fan of the Governor and I never have been. I think he’s been one of the worst governors South Carolina has ever had.

That said, I am sad for Mrs. Sanford. Her statement issued today makes me believe she is an honorable person who is trying to do the right thing for her kids.

But as for Governor Sanford, it’s clear that he has bigger problems to deal with in his life than the problems of South Carolina. Given today’s revelations, I fail to see how he could be effective in the remainder of his term. If he lied to his family, his staff, the Lt. Governor, the legislator, indeed, the people of his state, how can he expect anyone to trust him?

He should resign for the sake of his children and what’s left of his marriage. The man is a multi-millionaire — he doesn’t need a job. What he needs to do is get his life back together.

I pray he will.


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Meet Mark Sanford, the Flaky Governor of SC

And this dude is supposed to be a GOP candidate for president next time around? Yeah, righhhhhttttt.

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