Enter the “Rename Liberty University” Contest

The Big Book of Irony, By Jon Winokur

The Big Book of Irony, By Jon Winokur

Dan Casey, metro columnist with the Roanoke Times, is holding a contest to rename Liberty University. Officially he’s calling his contest the “Let’s rename ‘Liberty’ U — to just about anything BUT Liberty”.

Why hold a such a contest? Because clearly, given the university’s decision to defund the College Democrats while continuing to fund College Republicans, they don’t believe in Liberty. (It’s ironic, isn’t it?)

The contest’s winner will receive, appropriately enough, a hardcover copy of “The Big Book of Irony“, by Jon Winokur.

To enter, you can email Dan or comment on his blog. The deadline is Monday 12:01 a.m. As Dan writes, “Be sure to include your address and contact information, which will NOT be printed, and your full name and locality, which will.”

Here’s what Dan’s readers have come up with so far:

  • Lobotomy University
  • Limbaughty University
  • Fair and Balance University (or maybe FoxNews U?)
  • The Benny Hinn/Creflo Dollar/Jerry Falwell/Tammy Fay (sic) /Swaggart school for Homophobes, Bigots and Osteens
  • God Hates Democrats University
  • Our Way or No Way U
  • SSA University (A** backward, that is)
  • The entries so far are inspired but I think the readers of Fake Virginia can do better. When you contact Dan, be sure to explain your choice and tell him Fake Virginia sent you his way. Good luck!

    As for me, Sadduccee University seems like a good fit, but that’s not funny or ironic. It’s just accurate.

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