Let’s End on High Note

Where was Terry McAuliffe last year about this time? He was pushing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign a good three months after it was clear to everyone else that she couldn’t win. He went to Puerto Rico and said Clinton’s win there meant Obama had a Latino problem. He claimed her wins in Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and Ohio in the primaries meant Barack Obama couldn’t possibly carry them in the fall. (The real, not so subtle message was, white people there would never vote for a black guy in the general election — although he said, “He cannot beat us in these big industrial breadbasket states that you need to win in November and that’s a problem.”) Then, even after all the primaries and caucuses had Obama ahead in the delegate count, McAuliffe led the effort to try to get Super-delegates to change their votes and give them to Clinton. (He also made this ridiculous argument about the popular vote, which hardly bears repeating, except it was his only way of de-legitimizing Obama’s win, after he failed to help Michigan & Florida in their effort to break DNC rules to help Clinton.)

I haven’t forgotten Terry McAuliffe’s approach to politics and I doubt Virginia’s Democrats have either. (Remember, we voted for Obama overwhelmingly.) So as we wrap up a primary campaign for Governor of Virginia, I thought we’d revisit the one from a year ago. What do you say, we end on a high note!


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