Our nominee: Creigh Deeds

The polls closed a little over two hours ago and it appears the Sen. Creigh Deeds has won a huge victory in his campaign for governor. According to Politico, the Associated Press called the race for Deeds when 65% of the vote was reported. At that point, Deeds had 50% of the vote. I’ve seen some speculation on Twitter tonight from “Not Larry Sabato” that our nominee may end up winning every Congressional district in the Commonwealth.

By any measure, this is an impressive victory. Sen. Deeds enters the general election campaign with the support of the majority of Virginia Democrats and he is well positioned to defeat Republican nominee Bob McDonnell in the fall.

While I didn’t support Sen. Deeds’s opponents, both of them — Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe — brought thousands of new voters into their campaigns and into Virginia Democratic politics. For that I congratulate them both. That is a contribution to Virginia that will pay dividends for Democrats for many elections to come.

Now I know for some of you who supported Moran and McAuliffe, tonight’s news is a tough pill to swallow. It’s never a good feeling to lose an election or work for a losing campaign. (Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes more times than I can remember.) I know that the Democratic Party of Virginia has organized a unity rally — that’s a good idea I suppose — but I am experienced to know that a few of you will be so disheartened, you won’t be able to support Sen. Deeds in the fall.

That’s O.K.

In my view, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad Democrat. Most of you have serious and honest policy disagreements with Mr. Deeds. The rap from his critics within the Democratic party is that Creigh Deeds is too conservative.  I personally view his record differently, but I am more of a centrist Democrat.

I hope that in time, as you get to know him, you will come around. I certainly hope you won’t give your vote to Bob McDonnell. The idea of Gov. Bob McDonnell ought to give all Virginians serious pause.

As for tonight, take a break from the news coverage and the blogs. We’ve got plenty of time to pull together our Democratic coalition for victory in the fall.



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5 responses to “Our nominee: Creigh Deeds

  1. My take? TM and BM robocalled themselves out of the race. There were reports of 4 and 5 robos a day from each of these candidates.

    Deeds, however, did not bombard voters and lose their trust with the invasion of privacy that robo calls are.


    Shaun Dakin

  2. T

    Whatever. You voted for the social conservative Democrat to be the nominee. You can fill my shoes in volunteering for him for the GE.

  3. I’m pretty sure that we can say, without a doubt, that Virginia voters picked the candidate who is best equipped to win in November.

    I’ve written my final thoughts here.

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  5. blake e

    I’m both really surprised and proud of the Virginia voters. They picked the candidate that has the best chances to win. It is a testament to a old-fashioned sensibility, that VA did not fall for gimmicks, and did not let the nomination get bought.

    We remembered that we are still far from a blue state. We elected a couple Democratic governors that had well run campaigns that focused on bipartisan efforts and being moderate. Virginia is more than the DC suburbs of Richmond, and Brian and Terry were not getting the Independent, Moderate-Dem or Conservative-Dem votes. Moran is too progressive for VA right now. Right or wrong, Bob would have painted him as “a dangerous tax-loving liberal”. And McAuliff is plain unlikable. He has a smarmy, vague politician answer for everything. He’s the stereotypical DC insider without the benefit of actual experience. He often felt like a bad SNL comedy skit of a political stereotype.

    I’m also surprised that nobody has seen the correlation of running positive campaigns and winning elections. Clinton-Obama, Obama stayed positive, won.
    Obama-McCain, Obama stayed positive, won.
    In both campaigns the candidate hurt themselves by mudslinging. And Moran did remind me of McCain in nov. He seemed aggressive and flustered, making irrational attacks.

    Not to mentioned whoever orchestrated that disgusting VT gun-rights campaign against Deeds. It showed the work of a true VA outsider, to not be aware that’s not one of the things you bring up. It’s like running in NY and blaming someone for 9/11. It’s our biggest tragedy. Whoever was involved with that should never be involved in politics. As well as the unprofessional, petty blogs that promoted them (NLS).

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