My thoughts on Mark Sanford

Today I watched Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina admit an extramarital affair in a rather painful news conference from Columbia. I am not a fan of the Governor and I never have been. I think he’s been one of the worst governors South Carolina has ever had.

That said, I am sad for Mrs. Sanford. Her statement issued today makes me believe she is an honorable person who is trying to do the right thing for her kids.

But as for Governor Sanford, it’s clear that he has bigger problems to deal with in his life than the problems of South Carolina. Given today’s revelations, I fail to see how he could be effective in the remainder of his term. If he lied to his family, his staff, the Lt. Governor, the legislator, indeed, the people of his state, how can he expect anyone to trust him?

He should resign for the sake of his children and what’s left of his marriage. The man is a multi-millionaire — he doesn’t need a job. What he needs to do is get his life back together.

I pray he will.



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3 responses to “My thoughts on Mark Sanford

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  2. blake e

    He reminds me of the people you see in court crying……after they’re convicted.

    He did nothing to show me that he was ashamed/remorseful for what he did for his family rather than what it was doing to him publicly and to his career.

    This is a man that has consistently put media gestures and antics over actually leading or helping anyone legislatively. Everything he does is done while eyeing his next big step; those tears are for the power he’s losing, the 2012 chances he’s losing.

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