Richmond Times Dispatch Editorial Bd: Rupert Murdoch Wannabes?

It’s not a very well kept secret in journalism circles that the editorial board of the Richmond Times Dispatch is not entirely independent in their thinking. The RTD is free to endorse whomever they want in local and statewide campaigns but the owners at Media General demand that the RTD toe the GOP line when it comes to presidential politics. This is also the case at other Media General newspapers.

Maybe Marshall N. Morton, President and Chief Executive Officer at Media General think of himself as the Rupert Murdoch of Southern journalism. I don’t know.

Today’s editorial criticizing President Obama and his recent exchange with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is as good an example of any of the GOP double standard that the editorial board exhibits time after time.

Does anyone think the Richmond Times Dispatch would ever have editorialized against former President George W. Bush and his relationship with Saudi King Abdullah?

Remember, the House of Saud and the House of Bush go wayyyyyyy back.

Maybe next Sunday the RTD will write about, “the kiss.”

I’m not holding my breath.


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