McDonnell on Palin: “a Successful Governor”

According to an exclusive interview with the Washington Times, one of the things soon-to-be-former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said she wants to do after she leaves office later this month is campaign for candidates who agree with her, regardless of their party affiliation. Despite The Times’ report that Palin will campaign for the occasional Democrat, I think it’s safe to assume her candidate in Virginia’s governor’s race would be right wing Republican nominee Bob McDonnell.

After all, McDonnell said he believes Palin, “was a successful governor in Alaska. She was a popular governor in Alaska, got a lot of things done on taxes, and government regulation and ethics, and you know, those are some of the things that I’m interested in getting done here in Virginia.”

Define success. Does that mean ethics inquiries from both Republicans and Democrats? A legislature of your own party who regularly disregards you? A U.S. Senator of your own party who said you “abandoned” the state?

If that’s McDonnell’s view of success, count me out. But for sake of discussion, if Palin is so “successful” it’s fair to ask when she will campaign for McDonnell.

As to when,  well, McDonnell won’t say. Kimball Payne at The Shad Plank blog of the Newport News Daily Press speculates that McDonnell, “doesn’t want to lose middle-of-the-road voters in vote-rich Northern Virginia, who usually end up deciding elections in Virginia.”

That sound about right. But by refusing to rule out a Palin rally or fundraiser, and by calling her “successful” McDonnell gives us a great deal of insight into what kind of governor he would be.

We better cue Cindy Lauper’s classic hit. After all, Lauper has some advice when it comes to true colors: “Don’t be afraid to let them show”.


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