Senators Webb and Warner Working Hard for Creigh Deeds

One of the reasons why Virginians are going to elect State Senator Creigh Deeds their Governor this fall is that they trust their centrist U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner. Both men have committed to help make Sen. Deeds Virginia’s next governor. Sen Warner is organizing the business community for Deeds, while Sen. Webb is organizing veterans for Deeds.

I expect that both Senators, along with Governor Tim Kaine, will cut endorsement ads for Deeds that should run in September and October when voters really begin to focus on the election.

Meanwhile, if you want an idea of what Sen. Deeds needs to do this summer and this fall in order to win, check out Sen. Warner’s political analysis of the Virginia electorate from last summer when he was running for his Senate seat. Warner’s advice for then-candidate Barack Obama was spot on then and makes perfect sense for Sen. Deeds, too.



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